To see the sky cleared from the crimson shade of fear is what everyone wanted . . . yet no one dare to do something to see it become reality. . .

    "Happiness can subside, but frustration never lets go&q


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    "Happiness can subside, but frustration never lets go&q

    Post by joyo on Fri Nov 09, 2007 2:01 pm


    We have been awfully mistreated in our life by our fellow peers and/or family, and feel a growing frustration towards our life and our inability to do anything about it. Since no one has ever really been there for us, we bottle most things inside. And that is quite a lot of pain bottled up too. Deep inside we yearn for many things; feelings for affinity, for the world to improve, for people to stop being judgmental amongst other things. Yet our hope in improvement is very low, and believe we only have the power over ourselves. When we are in larger crowds we tend to get irritated by the presence of others, so we keep to ourselves. Those who know us are probably aware of the hate we carry, but we rarely do anything about it.

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