To see the sky cleared from the crimson shade of fear is what everyone wanted . . . yet no one dare to do something to see it become reality. . .

    A single regret . . .

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    A single regret . . . Empty A single regret . . .

    Post by Karasu Setzuna on Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:11 pm

    It was almost midnight, A beggar rest half dead in a garbage dump site. Heavily breathing he gazes upon the nightly sky above. “Its still as beautiful as the first time I’ve look upon her . . .” He told him self as tears began to fall while his mind lingers thru his past. . . A past indulge in richness and fame, a past of power and glory . . . A past of wealth ness. Then as he was in this kind of state, He heard a voice coming from his front . . . And as he focuses his vision upon it, He notices a figure in black. It was his “Angel of death” waiting to take him as the life in him “tics” away.
    You’ve come here for me right? He asks calmly as he tries to conserve the remaining air in his lungs. Yes its almost time . . . Though I’m sad to see that you have regrets upon the life, which you have live . . .? His angel replied back as he looks straight at him with sympathy.

    The man was silent . . .

    It must have been really hard for you? To sacrifice all that you have made. . . Go into waste, The same way that you are right now . . . his angel continued as he sat near him, still looking at him . . .

    The was again silent . . .

    All just for her, All just for a single woman? You mortals are really quite interesting, Deciding rationally and regretting the consequence in the end. His angel continued, as he was ready to take him.

    The man was silent for a while more before he looks back at the sky and said “I’m sorry but your wrong. The one that you just said was not the regret I have in my hearth. Actually after doing all those things which I’ve done, I feel complete even though I ended up this way. And because of that I have no regrets about it. Yet you are also correct because for every action that I’ve made lately. . . I always have a “Single Regret” attached to it. Then the man smile and looks at his angel before his eyes closed.

    His angel of Death was curious upon the words that he have just release. So before he takes him, He looks back at the mans memories, It was those memories of a wealthy life of power and fame, And a life with a single woman in it. . . A woman that has acquired an incurable disease, causing him to lose all of what he has in order to save her. Yet in the end, She still passes away . . . And thru these memories “A single regret” has always been attached every time he makes those decisions . . . and after seeing all this things his angel of death finally understand what he was talking about.
    So he stands up and reaches for the hand of the soul of this man and said “Worry not I’ll tell her what you wanted to tell her all of your life. I’ll tell her your” Thank you” to her and your gratitude for the love that she have shown you so many times. Even though you ignored it until the time that she could not understand you anymore. . . “I’ll tell her that you love her so much and that your sorry for not saying this when you have so many chances to do so . . .”I’ll tell her the single regret that you always had”

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