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    Rain Maeve Dreamayarum (Silver) 2004 concept :)

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    Rain Maeve Dreamayarum (Silver) 2004 concept :)

    Post by Karasu Setzuna on Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:21 pm

    This is the first concept I ever made when I was thinking of some one who will lead the V.A.C, I told my self she must be strong and tough physically and mentally. yet still has a lot of affection and finest that a woman should always have Smile She should be considerate and understanding to those she care about, as well as her subordinate, She must be a bit unique than the rest and should have the aura and charisma that at first seems to be just normal until you gaze upon her again . . . and again . .. . and again . . . ! until you couldn't seem to get enough ! ha ha ! Sheeeeez! It sounds like I'm talking or thinking about my own Dream girl! nyahahhaha ! LoL!

    Remember when I said Unique ? he he !

    I like her Pose in here so I edited it from my previous version ! he he ! sigh if she was only real > > > >?

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