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    The Black Fang (Kusari Masatzu's team)

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    The Black Fang (Kusari Masatzu's team)

    Post by Karasu Setzuna on Thu Nov 22, 2007 11:47 am

    The Team member of Kusari Masatzu before he was reassign by the elders from left to right, up to down (Merowa Thorngrace, Jester, Drake, Heartless)

    She is Merowa , Kusari's Replacement , She has the ability to control and create deadly botanical organism, among Kusari's members she is the most strongest thats why she became his replacement Smile

    This is the first concept I've made for Merowa Thorngrace Smile

    Heartless is Literally a vampire that has no hearth Smile I think you know what I mean when look at this one Smile His a Vampire that does not only use his muscle in fighting , he has brains as well making him a deadly opponent

    His name is Drake , The youngest among the Pure blood vampire in Kusari's team, His a bit immature and unskillful compare to the rest , Yet he has great potential specially because his only one of the few that can summon eternal dragons from the underworld to aid him in battle Smile

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