To see the sky cleared from the crimson shade of fear is what everyone wanted . . . yet no one dare to do something to see it become reality. . .

    Oh please check your emails - - - - - :((

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    Oh please check your emails - - - - - :((

    Post by Karasu Setzuna on Sat Dec 15, 2007 8:24 pm

    Hey guys did you know that there should already been more than us in this forum site . . . Sadly they forget or just haven't got the time to check their mails for the confirmation msg which is send to them Sad( oh well . . . Its a good thing as well . .. Because with this . . . we can see who really wana join us right ? and about our browsing menu . . . Don't you think its a bit like a (maze) kinda thing ? well it was design that way so that only the members could be familiar regarding on how to maneuver or should I say brows our site Razz Uniqueness is sometimes cool ! he he ! Keep safe every one !

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