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    Uranus heavensgate concept 2

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    Uranus heavensgate concept 2 Empty Uranus heavensgate concept 2

    Post by Karasu Setzuna on Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:12 am

    [/img]Uranus heavensgate concept 2 Litrat10

    Well this is another concept for Uranus heavensgate . .. May be you guys are wondering who she is ? Well she's the love interest of Kusari Masatzu (Karasu Setzuna's brother Razz) She plays an imporatnt role on my story basically Razz he he ! This time in this concept I made her expression a bit lonesome ? But it is contrary to her character . .. Uranus or Yuri is a Lady that shows who she is no matter what or who you are , she never gives up on her goals and has a clean yet wild hearth . . . Shes always optimistic even if the situation is agains her and she has a very strong will! fit to be a Queen as they say . . .. Razz

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