To see the sky cleared from the crimson shade of fear is what everyone wanted . . . yet no one dare to do something to see it become reality. . .

    She's Looking ahead , wanting eternal peace . . .

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    She's Looking ahead , wanting eternal peace . . .

    Post by Karasu Setzuna on Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:27 am


    Ok from now on I'll post all my art work here lol! So its Raine Maeve Again ! Wondering why I make so much images of her ? well ill post the detail of the main character of (The Violinist of Nodes Luna) and from there you will understand why ? he he ! basically I love her personality and how she handle things Razz (No more spoiler Razz) I'll also post the members of her team as the elite squad of the V.A.C Razz

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