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    Post by Xion Blueraven on Mon Oct 29, 2007 1:21 pm

    .....Neutral[Forum Rules]|:.....
    1. Thou must behave. We know that we're all the same here, and "DISCIPLINE IS A MUST." And all members are expected to be one of that.

    2. No bashing, attacking or swearing at other members of the board or moderators or administrators.

    3. Please avoid excessive use of spam (this includes just posting a smile, one word or a large image that distorts the boards), distorted TeXt and kool t@lk. Save it for the dump!

    4. Avoid posting R rated topics on this forum. There are many teenagers that visit our forum and they must remain 18A or less. Any adult topics found will result in a warning.

    5. All posts must be in "ENGLISH" and easily understandable .

    6. If a post or a new topic is in the wrong forum, a moderator will move it to the appropriate forum without notice. Please check around the boards for your post before posting again or PM a mod to ask where it is.

    7. You may advertise your site through your signature and the advertise forum and thats it, anything other will be deleted by a mod or admin.

    8. Profanities are strongly discouraged. If you are found using profanities, your post will be edited, and if it still occurs you will be banned.

    9. If you find a post that is spammish in nature or offensive, report it to the staff.

    10. Double posting is very much frowned upon. This means that you may not post again, right after your own post, if there have not been any posts between yours. Edit your post instead of making a new one.

    11.Thou must not advertise for websites that take away our members and others . If thou does, we shall warn thou once, then IP ban thou.

    12.Thou may advertise for websites that do NOT take away our members (perhaps they provide other services such as email)

    13.Thou must respect thy administrators, moderators, and members. Thou must listen to the administrators and moderators and listen to their requests (to a reasonable extent, of course.) No bashing or attacks in this forum is allowed as describe in Rule #2.

    14.Thou shall not post tutorials unless thou writes them and they are not found easily elsewheres on the internet.

    Prepared by:
    Karasu Setzuna and Xion Blueraven
    Administrative Staffs
    Nodes Luna (Revio de Ser)

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